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Accounting courses are in the boom right now. Statistics show that most students, upon graduating middle school, will likely choose accounting, or accountancy, over other popular courses like Computer courses (Information Technology, Computer Science) and other Business Administration courses.

Of course, that (Accounting) being one of the most popular courses today, universities take advantage of this to make an easy profit and offer accountancy courses on their curriculum. International schools also join in the fray and offer online programs and distance learning opportunities for those who have no time to study, as they are either working or cannot enroll on a university due to a number of different reasons.

But, a student should take into consideration the reputation of the university before he / she enrolls on that particular university. Knowing this information beforehand will greatly affect your employability, as graduates of reputable and well-known accounting schools often get the job rather than graduates of other less known universities.

Here are some examples of reputable and well-known accounting schools. These schools are very well known and reputable, both locally and internationally:

Argosy University is a well-known university in the United States, and also around the world, and has 19 universities spread throughout the North America. They offer Accounting courses and other courses such as Computer literacy courses, MBA courses, and others. You can also avail of their online degree programs, which is applicable for all the courses they currently offer. You can even earn the title of “Dr.” through these online degree programs. You can find more information on their official website at

London School of Business and Finance is based on United Kingdom, and has 4 different universities in different locations in the United Kingdom. It also has expanded its reach on different countries, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and others. LSBF mainly offers and specializes on Accounting and Business Administration courses, as evidenced by its name. Like Argosy, they also offer distance-learning programs. Post-graduate and adult education courses are one of their most popular offers, and students around the world can avail of this offer. You can check if your country has an admission office through their website, but you can still apply and enroll to the course even if your country doesn’t have one.visit their website for more blog post.

University Accounting Students

Another one of the top accounting schools can be found on the US, Kaplan University, which promises quality education for a low price. They have several campuses spread throughout the continent, and they also offer online courses. Among these courses are Business (Accounting courses can be taken here), Arts and Sciences, Information Technology, and many others. If students opt to take these courses online, it will allow them to study whenever their schedule allows them or when it is the most convenient for them. You should pursue the most convenient form of learning for you. Check their website at

As said before, check the reputation of the university first before enrolling. Choosing the right accounting school can lead to a successful job, you might even have a chance to work at the “Big Four”!

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