How To Detect A Fake Accounting Program Online


There are plenty of legitimate online schools out there on the internet that can offer you a real degree in accounting, but there are fake schools as well. They offer degree scams and fake diplomas just so they can get steal your money. These diploma mills, accreditation mills, and life experience degrees are all scams and here is how you can detect one.

Diploma Mills

Diploma mills are fake schools that sell diplomas. They are unaccredited and and are supported by accreditation mills. They either pretend to be a legitimate school or they sell diplomas for cash. If you are looking to go into accounting you will need to avoid diploma mills at all costs. You cannot simply buy a diploma and think that you will be good to go. To avoid this scam you can look up their address. If the school has a P.O. Box or does not have an address it is a scam. They will also have a flat rate fee instead of a cost per credit set up. Diploma mills will also promise you a degree in no time, like 30 days, which is impossible to do. You can also look up the school on the Better Business Bureau because the BBB will tell you that the school is not good and is a fraud.make a review at

Accreditation Mills

Accreditation mills are organizations that give accreditation to diploma mills. They are not recognized by by the United States government. They do not have the authorization to grant any institution an authentic higher education certification. These accreditation mills are paid by the diploma mills to grant them “accreditation” which is bogus. These places are only looking to take your money and give you a fake degree.

Life Experience Degrees

Life experience degrees are degrees that you earn from gained life experience. Though, you may be able to earn some credit from a real college from life experience, it is impossible to earn an entire degree. So, if a “school” tells you that they can give you a bachelor’s degree in accounting from life experience do not give them the time of time or any personal information.

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Loss Of Everything

If you decide that you want to “earn” one of these fake accounting degrees you might want to think again. Obtaining a fake degree could lead to identity theft and a loss of your hard earned money. If your employer finds out that your accounting degree is fake you could lose your job and if the state finds out that it is fake you could lose your CPA license. The consequences are just not worth it.

Report Scams

To find out if the school you plan on attending is a legitimate school go to the United States Board of Education and look under their accredited schools. If the school you are talking to is not on that list, report them. If you do not report them you are setting someone else to scammed by this fake school and that could lead to someone going into debt or worse. Earn your accounting degree from a real college and avoid diploma mills.

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