Online Accounting Degrees – How to Find an Accredited School With a Solid Curriculum

Searching for the School

Searching for an accredited school with a solid curriculum that offers an online degree in accounting can be tricky. There are so many different schools out there that offer a degree in accounting that it is hard to determine which is right for you. Here is how you weed out the bad schools and find the right online university for you.


When looking for a school the first thing you should look into is the satisfaction of the current and past students. Did past graduates go on to use there accounting degree or did they go on to do something else? What this information will tell you is whether or not the school will prepare you for the workforce. If students could not get a job in accounting after they graduated with a degree in accounting than that is a sign that the school probably does not offer courses that helped the students get into their field of choice. If the graduates did go on to use their degree than that school more than likely has an accounting degree program that is fit for you.

Ask Around

Ask current CPAs what schools they went to and which schools they recommend. They will know what employers are looking for, so this will help you determine if the school you are looking really offers everything you need to be able to get into accounting. You will also be able to see if the school that a current CPA went is right for you. This will give you more options to choose from and could lead to you finding a school you never even knew existed.

View Courses

The great thing about college websites is you can view the courses you need to take to earn an online accounting degree. They have a list of every course that is required, how many hours it adds up to, and gives you a list of prerequisites. This gives you insight into whether or not you will be learning what you need to in order to get a job as a CPA. You can also ask the school why you need to take certain courses or why do not need to take certain ones. This information will tell you whether or not the school has a solid curriculum.

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Lists of Schools

When searching for a an accredited school with an online accounting degree you can do a search in Google and it will return lists that college help sites have put together of schools that offer the best online accounting degrees. They based their lists off of information like job acceptance, flexibility, graduation rate and other things that will help cater to your needs as an online student. This will help you tremendously. It narrows down your list of prospective schools and will help you determine which school is right for you (

No Headache

Finding an online school that offers a degree in accounting can be a tough and tedious process. If you follow these steps your search will be less of a headache and will make finding the right online school easier for you.

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